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Australian GrassFed Meats

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Australian Grassfed Meats

FOURTH-generation cattle producers Roderick Binny and Karl Harms As co-founders of Australian Grassfed Meats, Roderick and Karl are steadily realising their vision for a vertically integrated beef business that will control the supply chain from conception to processing. Blue Label Beef (BLB) aims to be a premium brand and is marketed as “hormone free, GMO free, free range and grass fed” Roderick said offering a grass-fed product was central to the AGM business plan.

Karl represents Australian Grassfed Meats located on the picturesque tablelands region of Northern NSW and southern Queensland. Their commitment to animal welfare ensures livestock is always handled and managed for minimum stress, with the vision of animals being raised healthy and happy. 

“Setting up a grass-fed beef label wouldn’t have been a business plan that would fly five years ago, but with the advent of food shows such as MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, food awareness in the domestic market has grown exponentially,” Roderick said.

“That’s what I’m being told by butchers at the coalface and there are some butchers in metropolitan areas who are switching over to purely grass-fed beef.

“People in the first world want to know the origin of their food.They want to know the animals are free of chemicals, such as hormones and antibiotics, that may impact their own health, and they also want to know the animals have been raised humanely. If you can verify that your brand meets those standards, the market is quite prepared to pay a premium.”

Australian Grassfed Meats supplies quality MSA-graded beef and lamb to both the domestic and international export markets including China, Korea, Singapore, and Canada through a service kill at Casino Co-operative Abattoir, NSW.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.28.38 PMCertified Paleo Approved items include: Beef and Lamb