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Jöne's Gourmet Gelato

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Jöne’s Gourmet Gelato

Jöne’s Gourmet Gelato was created by Chef Jöne Pan in 2013 after discovering she had a myriad of food allergies, including gluten, dairy and eggs. Adopting a Paleo lifestyle immediately improved her health and quality of life.

As a French-trained chef, dairy and eggs used to be a staple in her diet. Given that she is sensitive to everything that makes the base of a traditional frozen dessert: dairy, eggs, and refined sugar – how was it possible to create a gelato that is just as satisfying?

Through trial and error (and a lot of love!), Jöne’s Gourmet Gelato was born, and continues to grow with ever-changing flavors.

Chef Jöne Pan wants to share her love of gelato to all, with food allergies or not, using seasonal organic ingredients, coconut-milk bases, and sweeteners like raw honey and maple syrup to create her one-of-a-kind Jöne’s Gourmet Gelato.


Jöne’s Gourmet Gelato is Certified Paleo by the Paleo Foundation

certified paleo productsCertified Paleo Products Include: Naked Vanilla, Naked Chocolate, Mango Sunrise Sorbet, Coffee Cream Dream, Pumpkin Pie, Chai & I, Midnight Mint, Mocha Madness, Strawberry Vortex