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Orange Spring Ranch

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About Orange Spring Ranch

Orange Spring Ranch features grass-fed Red Angus beef from cows that are bred, born and raised on pastures of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Orange Spring Ranch is named for it’s over 100 year old orange tree that draws its water from our natural spring— the natural way is the pervasive theme we embrace. With great care our animals are raised with love, affection, and knowledge of what it takes to raise happy, healthy, Red Angus beef cattle. We keep our herd small to ensure proper care. Our cows graze freely on the grassy acres of our North Eastern California ranch. Our herd is personally looked after by OSR owner, Christel Belrichard, and her occasional ranch hands on a daily basis, ensuring a herd free of disease and other problems commonly faced by larger cattle farms.

Orange Spring’s cattle gain weight naturally and gradually, and never set foot in an auction house or feedlot. The result: juicy, tender meat harvested once a year, in the late spring, when grasses are at their richest and packed with essential nutrients.

Orange Spring Ranch offers quantities of 1/4, 1/2, and whole steer.