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Paleo Treats ®

Founded in 2009, Paleo Treats are proud to be one of the pioneers of the Paleo movement and boy do we take that seriously. We wanted to create a dessert unparalleled in taste, and have taken years and 30+ recipes to develop each product. We value satisfied, happy customers, and will do our best to make sure you feel like firing bottle rockets from the roof top when you think of us. Paleo Treats are for foodies who want the highest quality grab-and-go zero preservative all paleo pipe-hitting treat. All our Paleo Treats are handmade with a limited shelf life, like real food is meant to be.

But let’s start with this:  We’re a bunch of savage heathens who love dogs, fine dining, and cold starry mountain nights more than damn near anything.  We curse like sailors, work like devils, bake like Motta and sleep like babies.

Started in May 2009, we have grown from making batches of cookies in a small kitchen to operating out of a commercial bakery. Although we’ve grown tremendously since starting we still ship every package ourselves (an excuse to continually sample Paleo Treats®).

We use the finest ingredients we can find, we keep it local as much as possible and while we’re focused on selling “healthy” cookies if they don’t taste the same or better than their standard equivalent, we won’t make it.

We are based out of Southern California and when we’re not working at Paleo Treats® we’re probably sleeping, or crushing another gym rat workout, or installing a rainwater catchment system while softly cursing, or blacksmithing in the garage, or surfing with friends, or hiking (preferably in Patagonia), or gardening in our (of course) totally organic garden.

Whatever we’re doing, it’s damnably good to be doing it. Hopefully our customers are engaged in similar pursuits, although there are no requirements to enjoy Paleo desserts other than appreciation for the finer things in life.

Whether you are gluten intolerant (our desserts are certified gluten free) or can’t drink milk or are just intent on fueling your body with the cleanest food you can find and are jonesing for dessert, you’ve come to the right place.

If you MUST know more about Paleo Treats Origins, click on this link.

Certified Paleo items include: Bandito, Mustang Bar, Cacao Now!, Mac Attack!, and Brownie Bomb