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The Honest Bison

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The Honest Bison’s story is simple and our gratitude for you taking the time to listen is sincere. The American Bison, as it turns out, is much more than just a part of our nations history. It is amazingly healthy, sustainable, and uniquely American animal. A bison can improve your health through the unique properties of its meat. A Bison’s hair, spun into wool is warmer than sheep’s wool. The leather is significantly more durable than its very distant relative the cow. A herd of Bison managed properly on North American lands can actually restore the Eco systems through their feeding and roaming across the land. It’s truly amazing how all of these wonderful blessings come form just one animal.

The Honest Bison provides healthy grassfed bison that is honorably and sustainably raised and efficiently brought to market.

Our goal is to bring these gifts of the American Bison into our communities for all of us to share in and benefit from. Starting with 100% Grassfed Bison Meat and eventually Bison made apparel, The Honest Bison is working to make a difference everyday by celebrating and sharing the gifts of the American Bison. 

The Honest Bison started as one family’s quest to eat healthier and get fit. When it turned out that sourcing authentic, unprocessed food was harder to do than it sounds, the family decided to do what they could to change that.

We promise that The Honest Bison will always provide meat that is of the highest quality—100% grassfed and humanely and sustainably raised. If we wouldn’t feed it to our family and friends, we wouldn’t feed it to you either.



Not surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of open fields suitable for raising bison in the Los Angeles area. After a lot of research and traveling, we finally found a family-owned ranch that shares our beliefs and philosophies. Located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, the ranch consists of numerous grazing pastures as well as adjacent processing and packaging facilities. This enables us to keep track of our animals at every step of the process, ensuring that the quality and integrity of the meat is always kept to our high standards.

The ranchers practice a method of ranching called Holistic Management, which promotes the growth of a large variety of native grasses that are in turn used to feed the animals. This not only enhances the flavor of the meat, it also eliminates the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemically enhanced farming practices. It’s amazing what happens when we let Mother Nature do her job.



While it’s not something we like to dwell on, our bison eventually have to be killed in order for you to eat them. Known as a field kill, our animals are shot from a distance in the pastures where they’ve spent their lives. The bison experience less anxiety this way, and as a result, less stress cortisol is released. This ultimately creates both a better tasting meat and a more peaceful experience for the animals

Here’s to our sustainable health.


Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.28.38 PMCertified Paleo Approved items include: Free-Range, Pastured, Wild Bison